Luxury, with your shoes kicked off…

The Bella Luce Hotel has a simple philosophy –  Luke Wheadon, Proprietor of the hotel, calls it ‘luxury with your shoes kicked off’. The elegance and style of this hotel was so striking, paired with the very friendly staff helping us to feel immediately welcome, making this a really special place.

Luke and his Executive Chef, Simon McKenzie, obviously have a passion for high quality food, taste and flavour. It was heartening to hear the respect Simon has for local produce, and how determined he was to make the best of every ingredient in his kitchen.

It is evident the Bella makes the most of the wonderful, local produce we have here in Guernsey, collecting ingredients fresh from sea, and using local growers to supply their vegetable table.  It is those fresh, organic ingredients that make a significant contribution to the high quality, and fascinating food served at The Bella.

Simon was kind enough to prepare us a delightful fish dish. It was a culmination of all the best summer ingredients, light and delicious. Just what we needed at this time of year.

By the way – I’ve always called it the Bella Luce (pron. loose) but I’m told it’s more properly called the Bella Luce (pron. Bella Loochay) which means beautiful light in Italian.  The famous bay where Renoir painted, and captured the extraordinarily beautiful light in some of his iconic paintings, is just five minutes walk away.

Eat well,


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