Where do you find a really great pizza…?

“You only have one chance to make a first impression”

Charlie Walker knows how to run a hotel, and she was quite right – “you only have one chance to make a first impression”.  It is rare to find a place where you immediately feel comfortable and welcome, but that is what Les Douvres does, really well.

From the moment I walked in every member of staff was smiling, all very friendly and eager to help, in any way possible.

But onto the juicy stuff… the food!  Now, I don’t know how to make this absolutely clear to you, but there are few things in this world I love more than the smell and taste of a really first class pizza, and let me tell you, Les Douvres know exactly how to make a good pizza.  They are very, very popular, and Charlie tells me their takeaway pizza orders are more than matching their in-house demand, such is the reputation of Les Douvres’ speciality.

The pizza was completely hand made, right from scratch, with their own special blend of cheeses, and using lots of locally grown toppings.  It’s the kind of food you just keep eating and… that’s exactly what I did!

The hotel is a delightful blend of contemporary bedrooms, but with traditional Guernsey decor in public areas, set in the peaceful lanes of St. Martin, just a short stroll to Guernsey’s magical south coast cliff walks.

Eat well,


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  1. I love the Douvres, and most of the staff there are so nice. I spend half the year in Guernsey and half in the USA so I get to see different service styles. The Douvres staff always seem to so relaxed and friendly. And I love your videos

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