The Alpine Lodge

For very many years, well meaning friends would invite me to go skiing. After the briefest of considerations I would politely refuse. You see I had thought it through many times and decided that to stand at the top of a mountain and strap two planks of wood to your feet and then launch off the side of the steepest of slopes is a really rather dangerous and daft thing to do.

And so it was that I found myself finally goaded into it by my wife. I’m sure she was just trying to find one thing that she could do better than me, and she finally achieved that, as she had skied on numerous occasions before. I was at the top of a snow covered slope, looking down at the trees beneath me thinking they would hurt a lot if I came into contact with them at too great a speed, and I was right.

Move on a couple of days and I was at the top of a blue run, and I glanced at the piste map to discover a promised haven half way down, a shelter from the madness of hurtling down snow-covered mountains, respite from the constant challenge thrown down by gravity. Half way down that blue run I discovered the paradise that is a ski lodge and coffee bar. This one was just close enough to sit on the terrace and watch less fortunate souls go past; those who hadn’t found out how to stop, or even slow down.

A really good welcome awaits anyone who ventures inside, from warm apple juice to hot chocolate – from schnapps to vodka cocktails, and the food can only be described as the perfect winter warmers.

With all this in mind, last week I ventured into Guernsey’s only ski lodge, complete with ski pass, mulled wine and a ski lift. Actually, the ski lift chair doesn’t actually go anywhere – not unless you’ve had a lot of mulled wine, but it does serve as the scene for a competition run by the OGH with a very worthwhile prize.

The food was delightful, the liquid flowed easily and the service was exemplary, as it always is at the Old Government House Hotel. Win the competition and you’ll get to try the service and the rooms in another of the Red Carnation Collection, at a rather nice lakeside hotel in Geneva, as well as a day skiing.

I can only suggest that you pop in to the OGH, but I’d book in advance, as it has almost achieved bookings which will fill the place to capacity this winter.

The Alpine Lodge at the OGH is open from 1st December until 6th January, and I’m sure it will be a welcome respite from your walk up the hill from St. Peter Port, arms laden with Christmas presents.

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