I’ve eaten too much….

The more observant of you will have noticed long gaps between blog posts from The Guernsey Foodie, recently.  That’s not neglect, I promise, but rather me focusing on university studies in my vital final year.  Nonetheless, it has been great to be back for an all too short Christmas visit, and to remind myself of why I love Guernsey so much, and all its wonderful food and restaurants.  It will be good to get back to university to get away from all those calories.

Having said that, it may well be worth a listen to this interview from one of my radio shows with Daniel White, a Guernsey-based nutritionist with some quite helpful advice and views when it comes to what to eat, and what not to eat, and why.


In other news – we went for a delicious brunch at The Kiln, and chatted to Jenny who brings such personal warmth and flare to the business of running a restaurant.  We were royally treated to a sumptuous breakfast at the Old Government House Hotel.  We had an amazing Sunday lunch at Fat Rascal, and I have no idea how Steve Hopkins, the ever-attentive owner, stays so slim.  I downed a Yorkshire Pudding the size of a dinner plate, laden with the most scrumptious lunch.  We were delighted to find a completely new restaurant in the form of Balthazar restaurant and bar, so we will have to do a review in the near future, just to see if things are up to standard – www.balthazar.gg.

We drove out west to the Peninsula Hotel, now owned by the same group as Les Douvres and The Fleur du Jardin, so we have great expectations when the refurbishment is complete early in 2019.  If Charlie Walker works her usual magic the inevitable high standards will certainly be to my taste.

Duke of Richmond

We also popped in for a wonderful afternoon tea at The Duke of Richmond, a regular favourite, as well as a gin tasting at Bella Luce.  Remember to pronounce it Bella Loochay, as it’s Italian, I am told….!  I believe I may have enjoyed myself, but I’m not entirely certain.

I spread best Guernsey butter on my toast every morning, I had too many slices of my grandma’s Guernsey Gâche, and I simply loved being back in Guernsey again.

Duke of Richmond

I am now back to the UK, and away from all those tempting leftovers from Christmas Day, and I’ve put the English Channel between me and the Guernsey-made Double Cream Fudge!

Why not make your resolution to try even more of the best of Guernsey food in 2019.

One or two of my colleagues will be out there, sampling the culinary deliciousness of Guernsey, and reporting back to you all.

Eat well…