Lovely Guernsey Brunch

I do like my Sundays. You see I work very hard, and I’m always pleased when Sunday comes around so I can be a bit of a slob for a few hours. I’m a full-time student, so life is done on a bit of a budget, and I’m very careful with what I eat – it’s not all free tasty meals for this blog you know!

Anyway, today is Sunday so I decided to treat myself to brunch – that funny meal that is clearly a breakfast, but usually with more than a passing nod that it’s often consumed quite close to lunchtime. I recently invited a friend to brunch, and he refused, saying he is not American. I didn’t know it was an American thing, did you? Today, I went on my own, took the Sunday papers with me and quietly indulged myself in Eggs Benedict with smashed avocado on the side. And, of course, a very nice Cappuccino.


It’s not just the food, although that was very nice, but it’s more about the laziness of the ritual, the long, unhurried and drawn-out reading of the Sunday paper, the pondering on where to go for a winter walk afterwards, and listening to the burble of quiet conversation through the restaurant. I was very lazy. I read the Sunday paper for several hours, and enjoyed the constant flow of coffee, and a little slice of cold toast with marmalade.

For my brunch treat I chose Mint Brasserie around the back of Guernsey airport, part of the Bruce Russell jewellery shop complex. It’s always warm and welcoming, the service is excellent and it is fast becoming my favourite out-of-town location for Sunday brunch, or any day brunch come to think of it. The reservoir is close by, so I took a few photos as I did a full circuit of Guernsey’s main water supply, reflecting how lucky I am to live in such a paradise island. It was heaven, if a little blustery, and I needed the walk to get rid of some of those calories.

Go on, next Sunday, or Saturday, or any day come to think of it, just start the day late and slowly, and treat yourself to brunch in one of the many hotels and restaurants on this beautiful island of ours. And there’s barely an American in sight….