Paradise Found, at Port Soif

I’ve discovered paradise – It’s called Surfside at Port Soif, but it’s not a restaurant, so they say….!

The seagulls bleated in the distance somewhere, and a gentle breeze finally woke me from the brief but beguiling reverie into which I had slipped.  I was entranced by the delightful experience of scoffing a simply splendid bowl of chips and and a cool drink in one of Guernsey’s most surprising dining spots.

Fine dining is one thing, and we will always enjoy our reviews of Guernsey’s restaurants with linen table cloths, shiny glasses of wine, and waiters gliding effortlessly between tables.  Today was something different, as we ventured to the west coast at Port Soif, and parked next to the Surfside Garden and Takeaway.  We popped in just to get an ice cream to take away, but it’s the first time we’ve really explored this haven along the west coast, and it didn’t take much persuasion for us to stop and relax with a bowl of really nice chips, or anything really.

My partner in crime is a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to chips, and I do rather like them myself.  Surfside’s chips touched the spot, but we were distracted by their speciality, which is crab sandwich.  I’m told their daily stress is whether there will be enough locally picked crab to satisfy their customers’ demands, so don’t leave it too late in the day.  Talking of which, they’re open from 9am until 6pm every day, but with last food orders taken at 5pm.

The smiling and friendly service is really great, which it isn’t always at some kiosks on our beautiful island, sadly.  It’s just so easy to stop here, sit for a while and contemplate nothing at all, sheltered from the wind in the sun trap garden, and relax.  It really is a gorgeous spot.

My eye was caught by a hand written sign which tells me I can earn a free drink or an ice cream by taking a wombling kit, which I think means I need to walk a bit and pick up some litter and beach debris. I needed to walk afterwards, as my attention had been too easily drawn to the banana and carrot cake, whose level of deliciousness is difficult to describe or do justice in words.  You really will have to take a trip to Surfside and check it out for yourself.

They have very handily placed public lavatories just behind the place, and they are kept immaculately clean and smelling pristine.  I wouldn’t have know they were there, but for the signs pointing round the back.

Surfside does fabulous food, hot snacks, such as baked potatoes, sausage and bacon rolls, burgers and southern fried chicken.  They also have a great range of sandwiches in addition to the crab.

If you’d like to stay and eat in the peaceful garden they really do have a surprisingly wide choice of dishes, but I’m determined to go back for the breakfast, which sounds extraordinary value at £5 for egg, sausage, bacon, beans and toast. One section of their menu is called ‘Other Lovely Stuff’ so I may have to become a regular for a while, just to try things, you understand.

We were greatly amused by the sign on the wall, which allays any thoughts we may have had that this place is a restaurant.  Frankly, I don’t give a damn what they are – it’s a  great place to go and eat and spend some time, and perhaps nod off in the peace of the afternoon sun….

I’ve also decided to do all my blog posts from Surfside, as they have free WiFi, and I couldn’t imagine a nicer place to work….!

Eat well


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