Tennerfest Time!

A three-course meal for £10? 
Not just a three-course meal, but a really good quality three-course meal…!
In case you didn’t already know, for many, many years, in fact 20 years, Guernsey and Jersey have jointly held an annual festival during October called Tennerfest, during which participating restaurants can be listed in the Tennerfest Guide as offering a worthwhile meal for just £10.  
It’s a great time of the year, with friends, family and colleagues organising parties and groups to eat together, and perhaps to explore some culinary corners of the islands that have never before tickled their taste buds.  There’s always a somewhat festive atmosphere, and it’s quite often difficult to get a table reservation in some of the participating restaurants.  We’ve met people who have come from the UK just for the Tennerfest, and they book to eat out every night of their stay.
In recent years it’s become more and more challenging to provide the same value as 20 years ago, and despite the fact that there are more than 70 restaurants in Guernsey listed on the menu at tennerfest.com we can only find five in Guernsey which still offer a full three-course meal for £10. There’s quite a few offering one course for £10, a few less offering two courses for £10, but only five that we can find who are all sticking to the original offer.  Yes, that’s right – a full three-course meal for just £10.
Three of those restaurants have substantial choice on their menus, and their offerings are for anytime during opening hours.  The other two have some time and day restrictions, which we’ll detail later.
We’re going to check them out for you and report back, so keep your eye peeled for our food and restaurant reviews here.  Of course, you are welcome to give us your own feedback, anytime.

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