Bit of a buzz at Lé Viaër Marchi!

Every year, just as the summer season is getting into full swing, the national Trust of Guernsey stages Lé Viaër Marchi (the old market) in Sausmarez Park, in the heart of Guernsey. It’s an occasion filled with some of Guernsey’s really old traditions, with people in traditional costume, and some good old-fashioned music.

Some of the most interesting traditions are on display in the food on offer at a vast array of stalls. There’s a wonderful community feel to the whole thing, and a lovely peaceful atmosphere.

This year we caught up with the Guernsey Beekeepers’ Association, and we were delighted to find that most of the problems affecting bee populations in many developed parts of the world have not come to Guernsey, and mainly because we don’t use all the pesticides and chemical farming found elsewhere. It was also fascinating to find out how little it costs to get into beekeeping, and how it can pay for itself quite quickly. All I know, is just how good the honey tasted!

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  1. The honey from the chap in the video was great. I swear it helped me overcome some hay fever type allergies. They say that if you have honey from hives close to where you live it does help to sort out your immune system.

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