A Little Secret!

Growing up here in Guernsey I have always been fond of the south coast, it is just breathtaking. I remember right from when I was young my family taking me to get the most amazing ice cream in this little tea room by the coast.

I think the best part about this was the little secret garden. Full of twists and turns it was truly the most exciting adventure as a child, and it brings me so much joy to sit and enjoy the peace as an adult.

Moreover, the walks around the cliffs here are truly amazing. I could spend hours just sitting looking down at the cliffs and into the sea, astonished that this little island is more than paradise.

Obviously, after such a strenuous time looking out to sea and walking around the cliffs I deserve an ice cream and a coffee! The ice cream here is so delicious and I cannot tell you how many flavours there are, I spend more time choosing than I do eating it!

You can watch my little adventure below!

Eat well,



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